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At Mrs. Stun Gun, we only sell stun guns that provide you the best protection when you need it the most. By analyzing manufacturer product specifications and test results, we evaluated 10 different manufacturers’ products and only selected the most powerful, most effective and safest stun guns.

Why buy from Mrs. Stun Gun?

Every stun gun is stronger than 2 million volts
Voltage is what delivers amperage into the muscles. The higher the voltage, the faster the amperage is delivered. Amperage causes the attacker’s muscles to spasm resulting in pain and short term paralysis. Factory tests show that two seconds of contact with over a million volts will stun an assailant for 8-20 minutes.
Every stun gun is rechargeable
A stun gun is most effective with a maximum charge. That’s why we only sell rechargeable stun guns. We don’t want a battery to let you down when you need it the most!
Full TASER® product line
In our opinion TASER® is simply the best electroshock weapon available. With incredible stopping power from a distance of 15 feet, you can’t get a better protection device. Mrs. Stun Gun sells the TASER® C2, TASER® X26C, TASER® M26C and accessories.
Below the internet’s average sales price
Every month, Mrs. Stun Gun shops her competitors so you don’t have too. She shops the top ten search engine search results and enters prices into a matrix. Once average prices are calculated, Mrs. Stun Gun adjusts her price 6- 11% below the average!
Always Free Shipping
Delivery is by UPS Ground Service and USPS Ground Service. Delivery times is 1-5 business days.
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