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10 Safety Tips When Using Public Transit

Whenever you use a crowded public transit system such as a subway, commuter train or bus it's important remain aware and alert about what's going on around you.  Mrs. Stun Gun has 10 tips that will improve you level of personal safety when travelling on public transit.

1.       When entering or exiting, keep a strong grip on your purse, knapsack and other belongings.  If you have a long strap, wrap it around your hand for extra security.

2.       Choose a seat by the window instead of the aisle and place your belongings between you and the window.  This makes them harder to grab.

3.       If you're tired and need to nap, place your purse on the floor and wedge it between the feet and the wall.  It will be harder to reach and it will be out of sight. 

4.       Put your wallet in your front pocket or the inside jacket pocket to keep it away from pick pockets.  Never leave it in your back pocket.

5.       If you have to sit in the aisle, keep your belonging on your lap and wrapped in your arms.

6.       Keep flashy and expensive jewelry tucked into your shirt or sweater,  remove flashy rings, earrings and watches before boarding.

7.       Hold your stun gun or C2 TASER in your jacket pocket as you leave the vehicle.  Make sure it's powered on in case an attacker is following you.

8.       Be alert to your surroundings by regularly scanning left to right.  This will help you spot potential trouble before it occurs.

9.       When traveling with a child, have the child ride on the inside seat for protection.  If you are standing, keep the child in front of you so you can protect her from the crowd and keep her from falling.

10.   If a stranger asks you a question, be polite but brief.  You don't want to be distracted from your surroundings.  Thieves often work in pairs.  One to distract the victim while the other commits the theft.

It's important for all people to use these tips when riding public transit.  In times when safety for women is decreasing, women need to be even more vigilant with their personal safety.  Try incorporating one or two tip a week into your commuting habits.  Once they have become habits, add more of the tips to your routine.  Just remember,  even adding one of these tips will improve your level of personal protection.

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