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How to Recognize Stalking Behavior

How can you tell if your being stalked or you have a guy who is just doesn't get that you aren't interested in him.  Mrs. Stun Gun analyzes the different kinds of relationships you may have to help you assess your own situation.  This article is a good follow up to Mrs. Stun Gun's article about the different types of stalker.

The Acquaintance Relationship

The person may be a former classmate or someone you see on a regular basis at the coffee shop or grocery store etc...  The key here, is that he wants a relationship with you whether you're interested or not.  Often, these stalkers don't understand that you're telling them you're not interested.  They twist everything to mean that you ARE interested.  This type of stalker display the Love Obsession identity from Mrs. Stun Gun's previous article.

The "Ex" Relationship

Unfortunately, many men can't accept the fact that they have been dumped.  In many countries around the world, a woman could be put to death for leaving a man.  Fortunately, this rarely occurs in the west, but many men still have trouble accepting rejection.  You need to be aware of warning signs such as extreme jealousy, threatening behavior and extreme stress in your former partner.

The Co-Worker Relationship

The Co-Worker is similar to the Acquaintance Relationship except that you see the co-worker every day.  This guy has a thing for you but you don't even notice him.  The problem starts when he starts to make unwanted advances and you can't get away from him because you work in the same building.  Another form of Co-Worker stalking comes in the form of a disgruntled employee.  This may happen if you have to reprimand a subordinate.  The person may become angry and threatening and eventually begin a campaign of harassment towards you and your family.

Cyber Relationship

With the emergence of social media, stalking through the internet is becoming more widespread.  Many people are bombarded with emails, slandered on social networks and sent viruses from a stalker.

These four relationships are some of the most common type of relationships that between a victim and stalker.  Reflect upon your own relationships.  Do any fit the above patterns?  Do any of these perpetrators exhibit behaviors found in the article Is He Stalking You? Identify Stalking Behavior.  If so, it's time to solve the problem.  Mrs. Stun will address what to do when your being stalked in a future article.

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