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Is He Stalking You? Identify Stalking Behavior

Today, women are so used to men making unwanted advances, they have gotten numb to this annoying persistence.  A woman may find herself the target of an unwanted pursuer but not realize that this is more than a little crush. 

Below are the 4 different types of behaviors that characterize stalkers as described by psychologists.  The team from Mrs. Stun Gun believe that by understanding this type of behavior, you will be able to better assess your situation in determining if it's just a crush or potentially something more dangerous.

Simple Obsession

This is the most common type of stalking.  In Simple Obsession stalking, the stalker knows the victim personally.  Examples include, ex-boyfriend, ex-employee, ex-neighbor.  Most stalkers of this type are male.

Love Obsession

The stalker in this case is either a stranger or casual acquaintance of the victim.  The stalker has become obsessed and "fallen in love" with the victim.  Both sexes are often victimized by this type of stalking.  Love Obsession is the second most type of stalking.


This type of stalking is usually performed by females.  The stalker believes that the victim is in love with her.  Fortunately for most of us, this type of stalker is usually attracted to the rich and famous.

False Victimization Syndrome

This is the desire to be placed in the role of the victim.  A person (usually women) pretend to be stalked in order to gain attention of the individual she desires such as an estranged spouse.

In most cases, you would be dealing with a stalker displaying Simple Obsession or Love Obsession Characteristics.  What's important is by understanding who the stalker is and why your being stalked is the first step in solving the situation.  Just remember that until the stalking problem is solved, you need to take other precautions to increase your level of personal safety.  For more articles about how to improve your safety please visit the blog at Mrs. Stun

Mrs. Stun Gun is a provider of high quality stun gun and TASER® products with a woman's needs in mind.

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