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8 Tips to Avoid Being Carjacked

Although stun gun and TASER® products provide excellent personal protection in case of attack, the best protection is to never be in an environment that will force you use one of these self defense products.  To help improve your personal safety, Mrs. Stun Gunhas 8 tips that will help you from becoming a carjacking victim.

1.       Avoid driving in isolated areas.

2.       If driving an unfamiliar route, double check the directions before you set out so you don't have to pull over to the side of the road to check along the way.

3.       Be alert to the other cars around you.

4.       Drive in the middle lane whenever possible to minimize the chance of being forced off the road by another vehicle.

5.       Don't tailgate.  If a carjacker wants to box you in, you have done half the job for them.

6.       When stopped in traffic, leave enough room between you and the car in front of you so you can pull out for a quick exit if needed.

7.       If you are carjacked, don't struggle.  Pay attention to what the carjacker is telling you and get out and away at your first opportunity. 

8.       If you think you might be carjacked, go to a busy public area like a strip mall or convenience store.  This will minimize your chances of being carjacked.

Like all aspects of personal protection, the key to personal safety is preparedness and awareness.  By being aware of your surroundings and knowing what to do if you feel unsafe, the likelihood of something bad happening to you decreases.  It's great to have a TASER® or stun gun.  They offer superior personal protection.  It's better to avoid being in a situation where you would need to use a TASER® or stun gun.  Being prepared and aware will help you to be safe.

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