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TASER's Explained

With hundreds and hundreds of articles on the internet telling you nothing about TASER® products except that you should buy one, Mrs. Stun Gun decided to provide an objective explanation  of TASER® to help you decide if  one is right for you.

TASER® Defined

A TASER® is a battery powered electronic control device (ECD) that projects barbed electrical leads into an attacker that sends a pulsed electrical current through the attacker's neural network.

How a TASER® Works

When the TASER®'s pulsed electrical current is shot through an attacker, the charge inhibits voluntary motor control of the skeletal muscles rendering the attacker unable to move.  The current is transmitted through two barbed probes that are discharged from a onetime use cartridge.  When both barbs contact the target, an electrical circuit is created that lets electricity flow into the attacker's muscles.

All TASER® products provide 50,000 volts of electricity.  This is the minimum voltage required to penetrate through two inches of clothing.  The amperage is too low to allow for electrocution but the pulse delivery format infiltrates the human neural network to accomplish incapacitation[1].

TASER® Products Available to Civilians


The TASER® C2 Personal Protector became available in 2007.  It is the least expensive TASER® on the market.  The TASER® C2 has a sporty look and comes with specific operational features that will help a private citizen stop an attack.

The C2 TASER® comes with the manufacturer's offer to replace any unit left behind when it was used to stop an assailant.  All you need to do is provide a copy of the police report


iling the assault.

It comes with or without a LASER  sight but a sightless model is not recommended because you may never have used it prior to the first experience.

The TASER® C2 is the only model that has a trigger located on the top and depressed with the thumb.