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What to Do if You're Being Stalked

In previous articles, Mrs. Stun Gun help you identify and recognize different stalking behaviors.  In this article, she tells you what you need to do if your being stalked.

1.       Make it clear to the stalker that you want no further contact.

2.       Document all incidents in a log book.  Keep track of the date, time, location and description of the event.  This will help you to press charges and to make them stick!

3.       Save all evidence such as emails, text messages, letters, gifts.

4.       Contact the police and take all the evidence to the police.

5.       Purchase a stun gun or TASER®.  You can display it as a warning to your stalker to show him that you are protected.  It is also there in case you are attacked.  A one second shock from a  2 million volt stun gun will incapacitate an attacker for 20 minutes.

6.       take images or video of your stalker's actions.  This is more evidence for the police.

7.       Avoid any further contact with your stalker.  DO NOT communicate with the stalker in any way.  If you need to change your shopping and driving patterns.

Implementing these proper procedures does two things.  It empowers you in front of the stalker.  It also gather's considerable evidence needed for the police to lay charges and for the judicial system to prosecute.  By following these tips, you will be on the way to ending the stalking behavior.

For more articles on how to improve your personal safety and especially safety for women, please see the blog at Mrs. Stun

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